Flocked yarn fabrics for automotive and medical industry - Flock by Technova Srl


The Product

The flocked yarn is a velvety yarn, soft to the touch with high comfort thanks to the large amount of air (80%) it contains. The flocked yarn behaves like a small air conditioner that carries the moist air outside with the advantage of reducing perspiration in the summer and not have an "unpleasantly cold" seat in winter. In fact, the air incorporated between the fibers of polyamide quickly reaches the temperature of the passenger's body.

The flocked yarn is a three-component product, with a carrier (monofilament or multifilament) of PA6, PA66, PES, Rayon, coated with acrylic adhesive, on which are radially fixed PA 6.6 FLOCK fibers by the technology of electrostatic flocking .

It is possible to obtain a wide range of Flocked Yarns just varying the characteristics of the three components (material and thickness of the carrier yarn, composition of the adhesive, material, thickness and length of flock fibers). We offer a title range from Nm 0.8 up to Nm 9.0. Also considering the diverse applications, each item can be further developed on the basis of technical requirements of different customers. We manufacture our Flock in-house, developing all kinds of colors, bright, shiny, dull-opaque, intense, providing excellent light-fastness and washing-fastness. Our flocked Yarn also guarantees an high abrasion resistance according to the automotive and furniture specifications.

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