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  1. Automotive & Bus Seats

    Automotive & Bus Seats

    The flocked yarn is mainly applied in the production of fabrics for automotive and bus seats covering. The fabrics produced with flocked yarn guarantee an appearance and a feeling unique and pleasant, a qualitative duration in time thanks to the high air permeability and excellent results in terms of light fastness and abrasion resistance. Its greater adherence of the passenger to the seat is very important in terms of comfort and safety.

  2. Flexible Shafts

    Flexible Shafts and automotive cables

    The main flexible shafts and cables used to move electric sunroofs, seats and windows are coated with our technical flocked yarns. The homogeneity of our flocked yarn applied on the flexible cables avoids annoying noise or creaking during movement. For this application we offer a range of fibers from 0.9 dtex to 44 dtex (including 6.7 dtex, 17 dtex, 22 dtex), with a titer range from Nm 0.8 up to Nm 5.5. Most of our technical flocked yarns are developed directly with the customer according to its technical demands and specifications submitted by the end customer.

  3. Furniture, Office and Clothing

    Furniture, Office and Clothing

    The application of Flocked Yarn in furniture and clothing is synonymous with quality and durability. Increasingly mesh fabrics are made using our flocked yarns to get more comfortable and performing office chairs.

  4. Medical & Personal Care

    Medical & Personal Care

    The flocked yarn is regularly used for manufacturing medical compression stockings and other similar fabrics or meshes.

    The flocked yarn is also used successfully for the realization of dental floss, interdental brushes and products for cosmetics.

    It is also possible to flock metallic threads or tubes for cleaning surgical implants.

  5. Carpets


    The velvet of flocked yarn is ideal for the production of carpets with an high visual and sensory impact.

    The flocked yarn combines high technical resistances to a soft and pleasant aspect, synthesis of durability and quality.

  6. Further applications

    Further applications

    Flocked Yarn for filtration fabrics, coating of metallic fabrics, lifting belts and velvety safety belts

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